Today I feel incredibly grateful & accomplished. Friday I officially finished my business plan, though these things are never truly “finished,” as businesses are always evolving. But there is substance in all the places that need it, and it is packaged in a way that I can share it. 

Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday, and received so many kind words of love & encouragement for this journey I am taking to realize my dreams & goals of owning and operating a boutique. I have also received over $700 in contributions to my crowd funding campaign in honor of my birthday!! I am nearing the half-way mark to reaching my goal of 10K. Thank you all so much for supporting me and helping me to finally live out my dream. It feels amazing to have a tribe & community who believes in me and pushes me forward.

Year 25 brought a lot of major changes to my life as I shifted toward making this thing happen. Year 26 brought a lot of adjustment and settling in. I have a feeling that 27 will be all about fruition and the most exciting challenges, and I am so ready to face it all head-on. This is it!

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