This past week I feel like I really gained some momentum in moving my shop plans forward… I met with the relator to look at the space I’m interested in, and it was great to see it finished after the remodel, since last time I toured it was still partially under construction. I spoke with an insurance guy, which to my surprise was not intimidating at all! It feels good to be able to confidently provide answers to the big questions I am being asked. I had some great conversations with other young entrepreneurial friends, which left me inspired and with even more questions to seek answers to. I set up a little jewelry display at the Cascade Cuts Plant Sale on Saturday, sold some earrings, and visited with old familiar faces. And today I made a bazillion phone calls, set up appointments, did some research, caught up with bookkeeping, and now am attempting to turn my pile of scribbly notes into something coherent and current. Cheers to checking off the old lists and making new ones!

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