Overcast Outfits

I hear the Pacific Northwest is the only place where grey is considered a color. It must have something to do with the tone of our sky most days, especially this time of year. Personally, grey is one of my favorite colors, and I love that it comes in so many shades and variations. (We should probably have as many names for grey here as the Eskimos do for snow, just sayin’.)

I like my outfit to match both my mood and the season. This time of year, between the bustle of the holidays and the fresh blooms of spring, where most of us just want to curl up in our coziest sweater with a mug full of something hot, binge watching our favorite shows, grey seems to be the perfect fit. Here’s some of my favorite greyscale inspiration that is anything-but-boring!

Layer it on for the ultimate boho look, pair chiffon with heavy knits to add some texture and variation, and top it all off with a taupe felted hat. Get an overcast look at Fringe with some of our favorite grey pieces of the season:

Start with our tried and true grey basics... Start with our tried and true grey basics… Choose a grey bottom... Choose a grey bottom… Layer it on... Layer it on… Make a grey statement... Make a grey statement… ...And top it all off with taupe accessories …And top it all off with taupe accessories

Pop into Fringe Boutique and let us help you style the perfect overcast outfit!

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