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We are so excited to be teaming up with the Streets of Gold ladies on a series of projects! Elizabeth and Erika, makeup and hair stylist duo, bloggers, and sisters-in-law, are some of my favorite women to work with. They’ve been the glam squad on many of our lookbooks and photoshoots, featured me as a #bosslady on their blog, and now we’re teaming up to bring you some beauty and fashion tips for different occasions throughout the year.

Summer is quickly approaching, which means lots of weekend getaways ahead! If you’re like us, it takes some practice and good tips to get out of the habit of over-packing. Sometimes all you want is that simple “weekender” bag you can carry on to the ferry or airplane, and we are here to share our best tips for packing just the essentials you need for your getaway.

I fly down to Los Angeles several times a year to buy for Fringe, and usually tag on a visit with friends in the city or my cousin in Orange County. I like to pack as little as possible on these trips, and have developed a really good method for bringing only what I need! Honestly it’s usually my hair and make up products that end up taking up the most space, but now with Erika and Elizabeth’s tips in mind, I think I’ll be packing even lighter next time!

Rhiannon’s Tips for Packing Clothes:

#1 It may seem counter-intuitive, but start with your outerwear and shoes! Where are you going and what will the weather be like? If you can choose one pair of shoes and one jacket that go well together and will work for all occasions, you will save so much packing space as these are the bulkiest items. Plus, you can wear them as you travel, so they never actually need to fit in your bag. This faux leather jacket and heeled booties are perfect because you can dress them up or down.

#2 Choose a purse or bag that goes well with your jacket and shoes. I like to bring along a medium to large sized purse that can also work as a personal item on the plane, and can fit a water bottle and other essentials as I explore a new place. A cute backpack is a great option!

#3 Now that you have your jacket, shoes, and bag, build a mini “capsule wardrobe” around them. I like to pick a color theme to work with, and keep it really simple so I can mix and match pieces. Since the bag, shoes, and jacket in this example are black, white, and blue with gold accents, that’s my theme.

#4 Depending on what you’ll be doing on this trip, you may want to pack a combination of dressier and casual pieces. In this example I choose my favorite jeans, which I can wear with a casual striped t-shirt, or dress up for dinner with a silky black top and those heeled boots. I also packed a t-shirt dress, which can be dressed up at night, or look casual during the day. When I go to LA, I usually bring 2 pairs of jeans and 3 shirts, which can make 6 outfits if you mix and match!

#5 Pick just a couple pieces of jewelry that you can wear with everything! I chose one necklace and one pair of earrings, which can be worn during travel to avoid the inevitable necklace entanglement.

#6 Bring a light sweater or sweatshirt in case you need an extra layer. I like to pack something that can be worn over any of my tops or dresses, and that also fits under my jacket in case I need some extra warmth in the evening.

#7 Don’t forget some cute lounge wear or PJs! Usually when we’re traveling, hanging out in our robe or underwear doesn’t cut it like it does at home. So pack a pair of joggers or leggings and a comfy top to hang around the house or hotel in instead.

Erika’s Tips for Packing Hair Products:

#1 Leave the blowdryer at home! It doesn’t matter if you’re going to Hawaii or Grandma’s house, I guarantee you that they will have a blowdryer available if you really need it.

#2 Choose your tool. A majority of the time I curl my hair over straightening it. So I leave the straightener at home and pack the curling iron. However, if you are traveling with someone, you can always coordinate with each other and pack one of each!

#3 No full-size hair products! I know not everyone wants to go out and buy travel size stuff, but the full size stuff takes up way too much room and you just won’t go through it all. So go to Target and buy the minis or get the little plastic travel bottles to empty some of your favorite products into to take along!

#4 Don’t forget the Hair Ties and Bobby pins! I usually grab a little plastic bag and throw in a handful of Bobby pins, a few hair ties and call it good! (Maybe a few more Bobby pins than you think, those things just lose themselves am I right!?)

And last but not least, as my husband likes to tell me while I panic about all the things I forgot to pack on our way to the airport… if you forget it, you can buy it. Don’t worry, wherever you are headed, there is most likely going to be a store where you can pick up anything you forgot or just happened to need last minute, don’t stress!

Elizabeth’s Tips for Packing Makeup:

#1 Stick to your staples! Do you REALLY need a whole eyeshadow palette? I thought not.

#2 Look for versatility! Blush/Bronzer/Highlighter can all be used as eyeshadow, lip color can be used as blush, a brow pencil can be used as eye liner, and a good moisturizer can be used as a primer!

#3 Use your (clean) fingers! Skin on skin blending works beautifully and you’ll save lots of space by skipping the brushes. I usually pack one compact brush for face powders, but the rest is all me!

#4 Don’t forget skin care! While I don’t pack ALL the goodies, it’s important to wipe away the grime and moisturize before bed. This Embryolisse is brilliant French primer and a super luxurious moisturizer. Use it at night, use it in the morning, use it all. day. long. AND, the sample sizes are at Target. You’re welcome.


And there you have it! We hope these tips help you pack lighter on your next little trip, leaving more room to bring back treasures from your travels. Got any of your own packing tips to share? Leave them in the comments below! Bon Voyage!

Photos by Natalie Olsen Photography


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