Summer Dress Guide

Summer is the season of dresses in the PNW. We’ve waited all year for this glorious weather, which means that all of those special events like weddings are packed into this season–and that means getting dressed up! Fringe sells so many dresses during the spring and summer months, and we often have customers looking for the right dress to fit both the occasion and their body. Many women don’t incorporate dresses into their daily wardrobe, so when the time comes that they do need one, sometimes the stress is on and it can be challenging to know where to start. And that’s where Fringe comes in! We’ve put together a guide to help you find the right neck and waist lines for your body type.


Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are great for curvy and bustier body types. They usually have ample room to cover the girls, and some kind of tie to cinch in your waist line and accentuate those curves. We have also heard that our wrap dresses can make great maternity dresses!

Rosewood ruffle dress by Everly, $62 || Tropical print dress by Chris & Carol, $52

High Neck

Higher necklines tend to work best on small-medium bust sizes. Sleeveless dresses like these ones are great for giving petite figures and narrow shoulders more shape.

Yellow floral dress sold out || Floral striped dress by Everly available in navy, $64


Flowy dresses can work on a variety of body types, depending on the dress, but are usually best on taller, straight frames as the extra fabric adds shape. If you’re shorter, try tying one side of the dress in a big knot.

Lavender dress by Final Touch, $48 || Tie dye dress by Lovestitch, $68

Body Con

If you’re feeling good in your body and ready to embrace every curve, try a stretchy, body con dress! Yes, all will be revealed, but that can actually be very flattering on a curvy hourglass figure.

Black ribbed dress by Lira, $48 || Crushed velvet dress by Lira on sale for $29

Deep V

Deep V necklines are for the bold! They are often best on small-medium bust sizes, since there isn’t much fabric there to hold you in. We suggest being daring and not trying to layer something underneath to fill the gap, as you’ll lose the intended dramatic effect.

Black dress by Lira on sale for $27 || Sage lace dress by Wishlist, $72

Empire Waist

Empire waists are great on women with higher natural waist lines, as the design will accentuate your frame and curves. Try a v-neck like these teal dresses, or a more classic, straight neckline like the black off-the-shoulder dress below. Empire waists are another great option for maternity.

Floral hi-lo dress by Everly, $72 || Teal cold shoulder dress by Lovestitch, $64


Off-the-shoulder is such a fun trend this year! Try it if you want to show off your shoulders, no matter their shape and size. If you’re curvier, look for a dress with an empire waist like the dress on the left. If you’re slender or petite, try a shift style like the dress on the right.

Black and pink floral dress by Amuse Society, $58 || Honey floral dress by Lira, $52


We have so many dresses in store right now, from casual to dressy, and are always happy to help you find just the right fit. Remember: you can always dress it up or down with the right shoes and accessories, so go with the dress that looks the best on you!

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