Welcome 2018!

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Happy New Year and Welcome 2018!!

I’m doing some reflecting and planning today as the shop is closed for New Years Day (and also scrolling through Instagram feeds full of 2017 reviews and intentions for the coming year), and thought it would be nice keep you all in the loop about where Fringe is headed in 2018. As you know, we started carrying a selection of men’s apparel in Fall 2017. What I learned from the expansion is that there is only so much space in the shop, so in order to “grow” we have to let some things fall away. And that is okay. It’s even healthy.

Well, Fringe is about to expand some more, and this time into shoes!! With the closing of the long standing and locally loved Mi Shoes last summer, I heard so much sadness from the shoe lovers of Bellingham, and decided that Fringe was up for the challenge of growing again (though I will admit that bringing on two new major departments within six months of each other is a bit nerve wracking).

So the shoes have been ordered—we’ll be carrying Blowfish, Miz Mooz, Seychelles, BC, and Minnetonka—and we’re planning the build-out. Since the beginning of Fringe I’ve been perplexed at what to do with this awkward space under the stairs, across from the dressing rooms. The stairs create an odd corner with guardrails coming out of the floor, and it’s been difficult to use the space effectively. But when I considered where we might fit shoes into the shop, this actually—finally—felt like the perfect solution! We’ll be building some custom shelving to fit under the stairs this winter, and our Shoe Launch Party date is set for February 24th.

But if you’ve been in the shop, you know there are a lot of other racks, shelves, and chairs currently under the stairs, and we’re going to have to do some major rearranging. We can’t possibly fit in all the products we’ve been carrying for the first two years, and that is okay. Change is good. Our annual Holiday Hangover Sale starts January 2nd, and sales will continue all month as we evaluate and start to phase out some of the goods that have become stagnant. But I want your input!! When you stop by to shop, let us know what you want to see more of. Stay tuned to our Instagram Stories over the next month or so to weigh in on which products you love to help us shape an even better Fringe for you.

I am so excited for new growth in 2018, and incredibly grateful for the support Fringe has received in our first two years! Cheers to this amazing community!

XOXO, Rhiannon

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